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Planning a hike?

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department suggests that you fill out a hiking plan before you go hiking.




Each year the Ventura County Search and Rescue teams meet at a location to train in swift moving water. This year we went to the kern and completed a county wide swift water course over two weekends. The training is tough but it provides needed experience and exposure to fast moving water with known and unknown water hazards. The photos below are from this year's training and includes individuals from many of the county's teams including; Upper Ojai, East Valley, the dive team and our medical team. Photos below are mainly taken by the East County team (Team 3).

Tim Hagel and Frank Underline begin the day with a review and a safety briefing.

Here we are practicing a shallow water crossing using a paddle for support.

The morning briefing covers what to do in an emergency and a safety review.

We begin the day with throw bag practice and a morning swim.

At the end of the, briefing we have a safety inspection. We are looking mostly for properly worn and fitted PFDs.

Again working on shallow water crossing this time with a safety line.

Frank Underin watches team members swiming a line to river left.

Andy VanSciver swims with the rope as a safety stands by.

Rescue Swimmer VanSciver successfuly swam acrross the Kern with a rope.

The rope gun we have is powerful and very loud (just look how everyone is standing). They are easily capable of shooting line over 150 yards.

In this class both Ventura County Fire and Ventura County SAR participated.

Here we are practicing a four point tether on our boat. One line from each corner of the boat to shore.

Here the team is preparing to use the boat in the night exercise.

After the swiftwater night exercise we debrief.

Class photo of the Ventura County Search and Rescue team in Kernville.


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