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This is a picture of our team working our part of the “pile” at La Conchita. We were assigned to Sector D which was the most southeastern location of the slide. Team members were able to assist in the successful rescue of one individual at this location on Monday the day the slide occurred. This photo was taken on Tuesday afternoon after four vehicles, including two large RVs, were removed from the area where many of us are standing. In the photo, you can appreciate how compressed everything became under tons of mud and debris. In the photo you should be able to find the boat, two pickup trucks, an interior section of wall and a large eucalyptus tree. You can also find our team mostly in the foreground dressed in red jackets or orange shirts. Members of the Santa Barbara SAR team are also in the photo among many CDC (California Department of Corrections) dressed in orange jumpsuits and yellow overalls wearing white helmets.


Observing the operations from the top of the pile from the mud slide

K-9 Team members were used to search for victims of the mud slide

Heavy equipment clearing areas of voids after they were searched

Heavy equipment was used to clear area after they were searched

Ventura County Search and Rescue searching for victims of the mud slide

This shows Sector D, the actual area where our SAR team was responsible for searching.  

A Search and Rescue k-9's assists Firefighters in locating victims buried in the debris. These dogs were used to help direct rescuers where to focus their search efforts.

Team Lieutenant Kevin Hartigan describes to three reporters what was going on when teams first responded to the mud slide. He is pointing to where one of the victims was rescued alive by our team.  

Team Captain Bill Slaughter (left) and Manny Garcia discuss the operations at La Conchita as Sheriff's Deputy Bauer and Team Member Debra Ricketts listen. In the background Chris Dyer orders gear and food for the SAR volunteers.  

Santa Paula Canyon was hit hard by the rains and many of the trees are gone and so is the fire road to big cone. Here you can see some the trees which were destroyed by the high water. 

This is 2nd crossing in Santa Paula Canyon. It's where the road crossed the creek and you begin the switchbacks. The drop off is about 10 feet and the road is just to the left of the rock and tree. 

This mud slide took out the road up to big cone was quite large. Here SAR team member David Musgrove wraps up the rope after we repelled down from where the road drops off. The slide is approx. 20 feet deep and is over 50 wide.  Trail maintenance is ongoing and this is still an issue for access the area with vehicles for rescues and for fire suppression. We are hoping the Forest Service can fix the road.

This is Horsetail Falls in Santa Paula Canyon.It's now a straight shot, no trees left! The rains created mud slides and rock slides that were all washed away by the rains.


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