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Planning a hike?

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department suggests that you fill out a hiking plan before you go hiking.




Hiking in Ventura County provides some of the best hikes in the country. Yea, it can be a bit hot and dry sometimes, but the hiking trails areas around here are just beautiful. It is important for the team members to be very knowledgeable regarding the local terrain. And for this reason, a few times per year we take off and go for a day hike in our service area. Sometimes its an overnight adventure, but usually its just a day hike. These hikes thru our local trails, canyons and over local peaks enable us ensure we know the current trail conditions and the approximate number of people using a given area. Yes, most people prefer to hike along the creeks, like Matilija, Sisar and Santa Paula, but there are really good hikes around the peaks and mountain tops; like Mt. Pinos, Pine Mountain, Hines Peak and Santa Paula Peak just to name a few. The hikes below are in no particular order but show a sampling of the beauty of the area. Take special note of the hike on the left called Indian Cave. There are great photos there you really should check out.

Next time you see a large group of orange shirted individuals on the hiking trail please stop and ask us "Hey where you guys come from."

7/05 Area familiarization hike to Matilija Canyon.


1-05 Area familiarization hike in Santa Paula Canyon traveling down the Last Chance trail.


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