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The Ventura County Sheriff's Department suggests that you fill out a hiking plan before you go hiking.




During the past few years our Search and Rescue team has been working hard at fundraising to purchase the equipment we need to serve the citizens of Ventura County and our friends in the surrounding counties. The trucks are the big ticket items and are provided by the Sheriff Department. The other equipment list on this page has been provided thru donations at our annual fundraiser. We are currently trying to find money to replace our oldest tuck the Dully pictured below. For 2007 we were able to purchase two trailers, one for our quads and one for our new rescue boats.

This is our trusty old 1986 Dully. Its has lots of torque from its 450 engine but its old. It is used to carry rope rescue equipment and some heavy rescue equipment (chain saws etc). It is also used to tow our quads and water rescue boats. We can also put an extra quad or a injured subject in the bed of the pickup.

Sad news; our Dully as we call her as been sent to auction. We really liked this truck and we are actively fundraising to purchase a new truck. Please see our donation page if you would like to help replace this truck.

This is our Black GMC Rescue Truck. It has a full complement of rope rescue and patient packaging equipment. It can carry 5 rescue team member.

We also use this truck for our Alpine team during the winter season. This truck also is used to haul our older quad trailer. Both the white and the black rescue trucks are basically equipped with the same gear.

Picture of White truck tk This white ford F250 V10 is our heavy duty rescue truck. It is used to haul our Command Post trailer. It has the same rescue gear as the Black GMC. In the rainy season this is our primary water rescue truck, equipped with specialty equipment for water rescues. We also use this truck to patrol Hungry Valley OHV and Ballinger Canyon.
We are lucky to have two 4x4 Honda quads on our search and rescue team. One was purchased with a grant and the other was purchased through donations at one of our fundraisers. We purchased a new quad trailer in 2007 to haul the quads around Ventura County. The quads are each equipped with winches and red LED warning lights. We use the quads to patrol Hungry Valley, and we use them regularly in urban searches. We have two older quads that are quite old and picture shy. We are looking at replacing the older quads with two new quads in the near future.
The team owns a Zodiac inflatable boat we use for water rescue. The Zodiac has a 25 hp Honda outboard motor and we have a new boat trailer we purchased in 2007. This boat is used in swift water rescue training and we are planning on using it to evacuate residents who are flooded. We really could of used this boat in 2005, during the rainy season. We keep this boat and the whitewater inflatable on a boat trailer with much of our water rescue gear. The gear is typically prepositioned in the event of bad weather. The boats are typically towed with our white rescue truck.
picture of our whitewater raft tk The team also owns an inflatable NRS whitewater raft for water rescue. We use this raft because it is a very stable platform for water rescue and especially for evacuations. The raft can hold up to eight people. We train with this boat in the Kern River where we learn to control the raft in rapids and we also learn to flip the boat in the event the boat rolls over. Almost all of the team is trained in water rescue to what is called a technician level SRT1 (swift water rescue technician one) by Rescue 3.


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